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November 18, 2008


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Robert Dickie III

Darrell, too bad many of our political leaders think that "re-doubling" their failed efforts is what they need to do when we need new ideas and policy is what is needed. In my opinion we need to get back to our founding fathers vision and policy and away from the failed policy we have been fed in recent years.


Consistency is only effective if you're not a screw-up to begin with. Extra effort, even a small amount, can bridge the gap between "consistently off" and "consistently on". Even the writers on staff at the show "Get Smart" never under estimated the statement, "Missed it by just that much!". Certainly sit-com writers shouldn't be that much better at recognizing life's lessons on effort.

This of course brings out the correlating axiom..... If you think you can fix things you're doing wrong by only re-doubling your efforts, then there's no limit to what you'll never do right....

Bryon Quertermous

Coming from writing and publishing, consistency is HUGE because luck is also huge and I've always believed that luck and consistency go hand in hand.

I've found myself in some very lucky situations in my career so far, but I was able to capitalize on them because of the time I'd put in over the years leading up to that lucky moment.

There's story after story of the literary genius who came roaring out of the gates and then flame out as quickly as they come. That may be a way to achieve some sense of notarity but it's no way to maintain a career in the arts.

Great post.

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