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June 30, 2009


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John Dickinson - Team One Purpose!


"So far, no one knows why problems sometimes trigger an insight or what makes us more inclined to the Eureka experience at some moments but not at others."

Maybe this is code for "maybe people are spiritually guided by receiving the 'aha' moments."

I once heard of a theory that explained ideas and 'aha' moments. Ideas get trapped in the middle of a spiderweb with many individuals at the outer edges of the spiderweb sense its importance. All of these people receive the idea at approximately the same time. This is why sometimes you hear of a person come up with and idea, but they do not pursue it, only to find out later that some other person brought the idea to fruition.

I do not know if this is true or not, but it is interesting to see it play out in real life.

I agree that for everyone to maintain a personal competitive advantage, we all need time for reflection and quiet time.

Thanks for the thoughts!


I agree. I'm not even as busy as a CEO but found I need to turn my phone off or intentionally get away from my laptop so I can step away and take a hard look at exactly what is going on in my life.

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