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July 02, 2009


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Yes, Tex. Truth is painful. The fact that some people sit on their laptops all day with nothing worthwhile to say rather than taking action to help the people of this country is painful. Good day.

Robert Dickie

I learned that lesson in my first marathon...I went out too hard trying to win it and crashed and burned at mile 25. I learned a lot from that experience and came back to run the Boston Marathon the next spring and had one of my best performances ever. Even then, in the middle of the race, I was on the edge and thought I would not get through but stayed calm, did not give up and caught my second wind and finished strong.

As you said, the key is to learn from our mistakes and apply that in the future. My dad says it is better to learn from someone elses misktakes and not your own. I wish I could have learned those marathon lessons without my first painful experience but in the end I am a better person and runner today because of it. Thanks for sharing. I love your insight and perspective on things.

John Dickinson - Team One Purpose!


"It's this second doubling that gets you through the Dip, that leads to a breakthrough, that makes you remarkable."

I agree and I have seen this in my personal life. Similar to your example above about the mountain climbing guide service, knowledge/education/learning decreases risk.

Just ask all of the people who invested in the stock market in the late 1990s without any knowledge/education/learning about the stock market and who have lost all or most of what they invested.

Thanks for reminder to keep on risking!


What's the matter Mr. Dickie, is the truth painful?

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