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April 08, 2009


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Robert Dickie

John, check out this list of the top 250 people and companies to follow on Twitter.


This is the new way to communicate with your customers and look at the people and companies who have the greatest following here. Orrin Woodward made the list of the top 250 most influential on Twitter. That is pretty amazing since he just started up this year and already he has over 30k followers.

Robert Dickie

Wow! Great example John. Thanks for sharing. It certainly seems silly to think about doesn't it. For decades they arrogated the news into on common place to make it easier for the masses to access. However, with the internet and the "flattening" of the world information is at everyone’s finger tips and we no longer need a newspaper to give us the news and the world is no longer paper based. A newspaper trying to control the flow of information today is like someone trying to stop the ocean tide. If they were smart they would be looking at ways to adopt technology and provide their customers a service they need and desire instead of trying to put up walls and finger pointing.

I wonder if at the turn of the past century when Henry Ford's Model T started to take off if the some of the people in the horse and buggy business tired to do the same thing? Those who were smart like Fisher Body and others transformed their business and became a part of the biggest manufacturing base in the United States that helped us win WWI and WWII and became the focal point for our countries economic success for almost a century.

John Dickinson - Team One Purpose!


Here is a personal example:

I live in the Phoenix area and I am a fan of the NBA team, the Los Angeles Clippers. Back in the mid 1990s (before the internet really took off), I used to subscribe to the local newspaper, the Arizona Republic to get the NBA scores.

I quickly noticed they would report the Phoenix Suns scores, but they would not report the Clippers scores if they both were playing in the Pacific time zone. Apparently, the newspaper could not get the Clippers scores into the next day's paper, but they could with the Suns scores.

This led me to the cancellation of my subscription because they were not providing me the information I wanted. Now, I do not need a newspaper to get the scores, I can go to the website for the NBA and get all the information I need there.

So if newspapers want to complain about other people stealing their information, then maybe they should look at the sources of their information and complain that they are releasing the information for free (e.g. looking up sports scores on NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB websites).

If the newspapers would add value to their service, then maybe people wouldn't mind to continue to pay for something they can't get elsewhere.

Thanks for the update!

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