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July 15, 2009


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Robert Dickie

Kim, this is not something our office sent out. You can always check with customer service if you have questions like this. I hope this helps. Bob

John Dickinson - One Purpose! One Million!


"The AFL-CIO argues that unions offer a pathway to higher wages and prosperity for the middle class."

This is why I won't join a union if ever offered the chance. Unions want me to fit into a box, similar to their box. My mom was part of the National Association of Letter Carriers union in her working years and I noticed I didn't agree with their ideologies. They wanted my mom to stay in the middle class with them and not move up/out of it to where she was wealthy and could focus on the important things in life.

From what I saw with my mom, unions want to receive something (e.g. higher wages) without offering anything in return (e.g. more efficient production and ingenuity). It's almost if they declare to their employers "Since I exist as one of your workers, I have a right to higher pay!".


kim podbilski

Is this real?? I recd this Wed.

Dear User

This mail is to notify all users that the site will be undergoing
upgrade in a couple of days from now.

Hence, as a user of our site, you are required to send us your email
account details to enable us acknowledge account activeness
Furthermore, be informed that we will be deleting all mail account
that is not active so as to create more space for new users.
Therefore you are advice to send us your mail account details
As requested below to :[email protected]

*User name:.........
*Date of birth:................
*Security question:.............
*Security answer:......................
*Webmail site............................
All users are advise to complete this update.

Mark Anderson
Tech/Maintenance officer.

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