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March 25, 2011


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chris olds

Hey Bob great article , I am amazed on how many parent miss this point. I see so many dads run for so called success and have no relationship with there kids. There nothing more important than balance and if I error it will be on family side.

Robert Dickie

Jody, it is great hearing from you! I think you will love the book. It made an impact in my life and I am sure you will enjoy it. Make sure to connect with Brandi on Facebook and if you guys are ever heading up I-75 to visit friends in the north make sure to stop in and see us! All the best, Bob


I think I will be searching the book shelf to find this great read. This has always been a challenge for our family. Although I am VERY thankful for marrying a "workaholic", it can be challenging at times to rain him in. Thanks for the post. I enjoy reading your most "personal" stories. Please tell your LOVELY wife I said hello!
God Bless-

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