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March 18, 2011


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Robert Dickie


Thanks for sharing. Funny how the right answers appear if you stay at it long enough and don't quit. There is always a way to fix things...technology is incredible isn't it. It gets better every day!

All the best, Bob III

John Dickinson


I believe vision is more important than execution because vision is the starting point and the execution can change and vary.

For example, my family has personally avoided creating a family blog for our relatives because we wanted it to be convenient. Isn't that a big benefit of technology anyway, convenience? We did not want to have to create blog entries while we were sitting in front of our computer. There are blog companies now that will let us email our blog entry and post our attached pictures to our blog. We learned this is "moblogging" or "mobile blogging".

We had the vision of creating a family blog for our relatives, but we did not have a great way to execute the simplicity of what we wanted to do. We held onto the vision and a means to execute it revealed itself.

Thanks for the thinking session,

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